Casa Klein Bonaire

Mexican Casita

This private enclave features a contemporary large parlor and is perfectly located a one-minute walk to Bachelors and 5 minute drives to both Sorobon and Salt Pier. This fully equipped private suite features a large queen size bed with screens and Air conditioning, dining table and a conversation area and washing machine. An oversized bath has a hot shower for after a dive. The outdoor patio with dining for two and Adirondack chairs allows you to enjoy the Bonairian evenings. Rinse tanks and outdoor shower on site as well.

Flamingo Airport is 2.2 km from the property. A Taxi is usually $10 or if you rent a vehicle the home comes with two private designated parking spaces. There is an outdoor shower, BBQ, and rinse tanks on site. This home is non-smoking, with no pets allowed.

We look forward to your staying with us

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